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Pablo Albarenga is a visual storyteller focusing on stories of social and environmental justice, environment, science and climate change. Albarenga is a National Geographic Explorer, has been a multiple beneficiary of the Pulitzer Center, and was selected in 2020 as the Photographer Of The Year by the Sony World Photography Awards. He is also photo editor at Sumaúma, an Amazon-based outlet. His work has been featured  worldwide in print and online publications, including National Geographic, The Washington Post Magazine, The Guardian, 6 Mois and El País, among others. He also collaborates with the Pulitzer Center Education team and National Geographic Learning to spread the topics he covers to wider audiences.



︎ Seeds of resistance, solo exhibition in the Montevideo Photography Center, Montevideo, Uruguay (confirmed)


︎ Selected as one of the five National Geographic Explorers for The Climate Pledge project


︎ Second place in the 39º Journalism Human Rights Award in Brazil
︎ Seeds of Resistance - Collective exhibition in the Africa Foto Fair

︎ Pulitzer Center grant with The Amazon’s tallest tree project ︎ Fellow, Starling Lab Journalism program, with a project about the destruction of Pantanal, the world's biggest wetlands. Stanford University + USC Shoah Foundation.
︎ Pulitzer Center grant with Rainforest Defenders Brazil, Season 2


︎ Slected for the Professional category of the Eddie Adams Workshop Class of 2021.
︎Winner of the Gabo Award in the image category with project Rainforest Defenders.
︎ Seeds of Resistance. Collective exhibiton. Addis Foto Fest. Ethiopia. - Scheduled
︎Selected for the LENS New York Portfolio Reivew 2021.


︎Sony World Photography Awards. Photographer of the year. ︎Sony World Photography Awards. Winner of the Latin America Professional Awards.
︎Sony World Photography Awards. Winner of the Creative Photography Category.
︎Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition at the Sommerset House of London.
︎Pulitzer Center grant for the project Rainforest Defenders Colombia, in collaboration with Francesc Badia i Dalmases from democraciaAbierta and Edilma Prada from Agenda Propia.
︎Selected for the DC Environmental Film Festival with Rainforest Defenders series.
︎World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass nominee.


︎Pulitzer Center grant for the project Rainforest Defenders Ecuador, in collaboration with Francesc Badia i Dalmases from democraciaAbierta.
︎National Geographic Explorer. Grant awarded with the project “Seeds of resistance”.

︎Pulitzer Center grant for the project Rainforest Defenders Brasil, in collaboration with Francesc Badia i Dalmases from democraciaAbierta and Engajamundo Brasil. ︎Pulitzer Center Grant for the project “The Last River” in collaboration with Caio Mota and Luna Gamez.
︎Individual exhibition. Mapping of indigenous portraits over the main buildings in Montevideo, to simulate a retake of traditional land.
︎RETOMADA - Photo Book about the indigenous struggle in Brazil.
︎World Press Photo Global Talent Program Nominee.
︎Seeds of Resistance, work in progress. Fotoativa, Belém, Pará, Brazil.


︎Retomada. Collective exhibiton Addis Foto Fest. Ethiopia.
︎Tekoha. Individual exhibition about the land indigenous conflict all over Brazil. Casa Arbus. Uruguay.
︎Photobooth. Individual exhibition. iPhone made portraits. Bar Andorra. Uruguay.
︎AECID AFROAMERICANOS. Visual projects on afro-descendant communities in Latin America. 1st place along with Mayra Da Silva.
︎Mantengo lo que dije. Exhibition about the Guaraní Kaiowá conflict in Brazil, with Ana Mendes (BR). Centro de Fotografía de Montevideo. Uruguay.
︎Uruguayan moving photography exhibition. Invited with “Orosmán” series. Spain.


︎iPhone Photography Awards. Honorable mention. USA.
︎ Fest Foto POA International Photography Festival- Finalist.

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