The search for a chieftain's dream that took an entire community on a journey to its origins.

The agri-business development in Brazil has been forcing indigenous internal migrations of entire communities. Without a legal framework to protect them and surrounded by a violent context in which ranchers hire armed militas to attack them, they’ve had no other choice but relocation in tiny national reservations, far away from their sacred lands.

But for some, relocation is not an option and refused to live far away from the land that brought them to life and have joined the Retomada movement, which consists in taking back their ancestral lands, as the indigenous Guarani Kaiowá do in Mato Grosso do Sul.

One morning, 13 families left the reservation to walk back to their lands, following the dream of the chieftain André Benites, who has been dreaming with their ancestral lands and the project of an entirely indigenous school.

Surrounded by the remainings of an Atlantic Forest, the Yvyrupá community is not only taking back their land. They are also retaking their traditions, their culture, their religion and in that complex process, children are the most important protagonists since they will be soon, the guardians fo a millenary legacy. 

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